Artists Statement


I paint to immerse  myself in what I see that I translate through the movement of feelings and  light. When I paint, I often feel deeply connected to the painters who came  before me and to our human history. These moments are pure magic. As my ability  to see deepens, so does my ability to feel the movement of light and all of this  enriches my experience as a painter.   
 As a young woman I  painted and attended Philadelphia Collage of Art for a short time. However, life  took me in a very different direction, practicing law and mediation in  California,  facilitating individuals and couples, and teaching Ethics at UC Berkeley with my  husband.  
 Ultimately, my  spiritual process brought me back to painting and deeper into myself. The  movement of shapes and light, rich colors and fleeting glimpses of light dancing  with each arising and falling moment nourishes my soul. Connecting and capturing  the beauty of the human figure or a place, be it countryside or cityscape, is  such a privilege and enlivening way to be with myself and our world.    
 Since returning to  painting in 2010, I study regularly with Gabriel Mark Lipper Ashland. I've had  the good fortune to travel extensively, studying and painting with David Leffel,  Sherrie McGraw, Jacqueline Kamin, Marc Delassio and Gregg Kreutz to name a few.    
I show my work at the  Ashland Art Center.